Diego's Chocolate

think outside the bar

Mayan-grown, Mayan-made from tree to chocolate in Guatemala.

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Artisan Vegan Chocolate,
Straight from the Bean

Following a recipe learned from his grandmother and using only the highest-quality Guatemalan criollo cacao beans (an heirloom variety), Diego and his family have created an incredibly tasty, and best of all, vegan dark chocolate.


The base recipe for all of Diego's Chocolate is our 80% Puro/Dark flavor.  Find them online or at one of our retailers!

Whole cacao beans are roasted over a wood fire, ground, and incorporated whole into a decadent, slightly-soft, ganache-like chocolate bar. This flavor is the original, pure dark chocolate--rich and more chocolate-y than anything you've ever tasted! Each bite will leave your mouth full of intense cocoa flavor, with just enough sweetness to enhance the delicious taste of the cacao bean. This is definitely a cacao lovers' chocolate bar!

With only THREE ingredients (cacao bean, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and unrefined evaporated cane juice), this is a chocolate bar that's truly as close to cacao bean as you can get!

Diego's Chocolate is one of a handful of chocolate products in the world made in the same country where the cacao is grown, reducing the carbon footprint and vastly increasing the freshness and flavor of each bar....and now you don't have to travel to Guatemala to buy it!