Diego's Chocolate

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Mayan-grown, Mayan-made from tree to chocolate in Guatemala.

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Our Chocolate

Our mission has two parts: create the most delicious and unique dark chocolate from scratch, while expanding well-paying jobs for young adults around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

As Maya-Tz'utujil people, we continue a tradition of making chocolate that stretches back for thousands of years. Using a recipe learned from my grandmother and made only in small batches, we produce a chocolate bar unlike any that you’d likely find  elsewhere. The soft, creamy, almost fudge-like texture and bold, fruity cacao flavors are the first things you notice once that initial bite hits your tongue.

I believe in using my time-tested, artisanal methods for chocolate production and packaging. For example, all of our cacao is winnowed by hand. This is slow work but it keeps our employees working and yields our desired result. We also hand-color all of our chocolate labels, making each one unique and further adding hours for our team.

As a sweetener, panela, or unrefined cane sugar is used in just the right amount, making this treat a sweet but without sacrificing the beautiful bitterness of the cacao. Panela, a traditional food in tropical/sub-tropical regions,  is among the least-processed products from sugar cane available, retaining much of the vitamins and minerals which naturally occur in sugar cane.

In Guatemala, we can source our beans DIRECTLY from small-scale family farmers who grow their crops a relatively short distance away, giving us a lower carbon footprint. On the other hand, most chocolate is made in places far away from where the beans are grown, adding to the carbon emissions. Not so with Diego's Chocolate.

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Diego Says Hello and Explains How it All Began

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