Diego's Chocolate

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Mayan-grown, Mayan-made from tree to chocolate in Guatemala.

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Our Chocolate

For each chocolate purchased, we will donate a chocolate to victims still in shelters. Click Here to Learn More About Where to Donate to Support Victims of the Fuego Volcano Disaster

As Maya-Tz'utujil people, Diego and his family continue a tradition of making chocolate that stretches back for thousands of years. Using a recipe learned from Diego’s grandmother and made only in small batches, they produce a chocolate bar unlike any that you’d likely find  elsewhere. The soft, creamy, almost fudge-like texture and bold, fruity cacao flavors are the first things you notice once that initial bite hits your tongue. These are the result of a ‘cooking’ process that is vastly different from the usual artisan bar, essentially bringing you closer to the cacao bean because less processing (separation of liquids and solids, tempering, etc.) is taking place.

As a sweetener, panela, or unrefined cane sugar is used in just the right amount, making this treat a sweet but without sacrificing the beautiful bitterness of the cacao. Panela, a traditional food in tropical/sub-tropical regions,  is among the least-processed products from sugar cane available, retaining much of the vitamins and minerals which naturally occur in sugar cane.

In Guatemala, Diego is able to source his beans from small-scale family farmers who grow their crops (organically though currently without certification) a relatively short distance away, giving you a chocolate bar made from only the freshest and most high quality cacao. On the other hand, most chocolate is made months after the harvest and  in places far away from where the beans are grown, adding to the carbon footprint of the chocolate industry and potentially diminishing flavor and beneficial compounds. Not so with Diego's. 


For those not lucky enough to live in the "cacao belt" where the trees grow (as is the case for many of us), Diego’s Artisan Chocolate is about as ‘local’ as you can get – from farmer, to chocolate maker, to you.

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